Monday, December 2, 2019

Frozen 2 and Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt

Frozen 2 Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt

was the fun to be had today. It was not a great day though by any means. Murphy kept screwing with me (Murphy’s Law) if it could go wrong it did today. If it wasn’t for my son, I would be a basket case in the corner right now. It was all tied to lousy customer service. No matter what I did, or how polite I was, or how in the wrong I was not, customer service was non-existent. Very frustrating since at the hospital we are trained that customer service is the most important thing. To be on the other side and not get it, drives me batty. I seriously started to worry about my blood pressure and sanity today. As mentioned, my son pulled me through 😊

          He took Staci and me to see Frozen 2 at Disney Springs and even did Stitch’s Holiday Hunt with us. When we got home, power to just the garage and holiday décor was still out, but he figured out how to get it back. OK venting done, sometimes I just need to vent 😊 Frozen 2 was good. I kept hearing people comment how it was better than the first one, but I disagree.  I left the first Frozen in awe, this time it was no big deal. Some parts I thought were unnecessary, others too long. Plus there was no showstopper like “Let It Go” LOL.
Favorite part was the fire spirit. That little creature was adorable. Haven’t noticed it in stores though. Will need to keep my eye out for it. It was a good story though. Before we went into the movie, we went to the Marvel Superhero store (I forget what it is called) and picked up the Stitch’s Holiday Hunt booklets.
  In case you haven’t heard about this, it is done at Disney Springs and is free. You pick up a sticker booklet, most shops at Disney Springs will have them, and you look at the clues to tell you which store to go to. Inside the store will be a little Stitch sign holding a gift. Then you put the corresponding sticker in the right spot. Once you are done you take it back to a redemption store, and they give you a free button. It is a fun activity to do at Disney Springs. My daughter and I love doing the Disney Scavenger hunts, tomorrow we hope to do the Chip and Dale one at Epcot.

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