Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Enchant Christmas in St. Petersburg, Florida

            Christmas ~

     Was very pretty and now a nice memory for my kids and me. So many lights.  It is called the world’s largest Christmas light maze. It definitely was big. My son, daughter, and I drove down to St. Petersburg, Florida last night. I dislike driving, but I thought this would be worth it 😊
      I had heard about the event this summer, so I was prepared when tickets went on sale in September. I made sure to get ours as soon as possible, and it is a good thing too, since all the nights so far are sold out. It is only in three places across the country, it seems to move around to different places each year.
      This year it was also in Washington, DC and Seattle, WA. There were thousands of lights, it was hard to see everything at once. I would have loved to go up high to get an encompassing picture, but that was only for VIP’s. In the maze there are Santa’s nine reindeer that you must find. Most are standing, some are sitting. The sitting ones were a challenge LOL there is also an ice-skating rink inside, larger than life ornaments, a tunnel, and snow. Yep, not the bubble kind, but actual snow. It was a nice touch.
      If you were so inclined, you could also buy cocoas and adult beverages in the maze LOL I resisted. It was very hard to resist the food court area, so many delicious smells, but the prices were higher than Disney’s. It had advertised a holiday market, and it did have one, but it wasn’t very impressive. Maybe 20 stalls selling farmer’s market type stuff. It took us about an hour to walk through everything. We took lots of pictures of course, so here they are LOL

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