Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Epcot's Festival of the Holidays 2019

       Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays

was so much fun. The weather today was just perfect for a bit of Winter merriment.  Staci and I got up early to a chilly Florida morning. Low 50’s means we break out the pants and jackets LOL we bundled up and headed off to Epcot. It wasn’t too crowded. We first went to get our Chip and Dale passholder magnets. They are a bit smaller and come still embedded in a rectangle magnet holding both chipmunks. There was no line, so we got them and then off to find the Festival Passports.
          They were not at the front; you must get them at the little stores on the bridge after Mousegears. By the way these little stores were the only ones selling the Chip and Dale Cookie Stroll cookie jars. Everywhere else today was sold out. Also, they say they hold all the cookies LOL this is a big lie. Only the pinwheel cookie fit inside. The rest of the cookies were WAY TOO BIG. We waited until after we had collected all the cookies to get the jar. We purchased our Chip and Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree maps, grabbed a couple of festival booklets, and were off. I think we went backwards LOL we started in Canada. It worked in our favor though.
          BY the time we got to Mexico the place was packed. The scavenger hunt is always a favorite activity of ours. This time we were looking for wreaths with Chip and/or Dale in them holding something. Some were impossible to find (Germany) but most easy enough. Cast members always seemed to have a clue to help us out. Except in Germany. They were lost as well. Luckily another person doing the scavenger hunt showed us where to look LOL We liked the new design of the card you get. It is shaped like an ornament and the stickers are on the back. Very convenient. While we were hunting, we were also doing the cookie stroll.
          There are five cookies you buy for $2.50 each, then you show your booklet at the Holiday Sweets and Treats, and they give you a small thing of milk and the Santa Mickey cookie for completing the stroll. We had walked slow and explored the shops while we hunted, so it was afternoon by the time we were done. My step counter said we had walked 13,135 steps. The memory foam in my shoes had developed Alzheimer’s by that time, so we headed home.
          Now it is time to take some tylenol, warm up a cup of coffee, and relax in my recliner while munching a Christmas cookie

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