Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome 2018

I can't believe it has almost been a year since my last post. I think I stopped mainly because I started writing for others and not myself.  It became more about how many hits I got, than enjoyable for me. So this year I am just going to write what I want. No sharing it on Facebook. It seemed all that sight wanted was Disney posts LOL While I love Disney, I didn't want that to be all this was about. OK so 2017 was definitely a big year of change.
It was very stressful because of one majorly huge purchase. I bought a house :) It was purchased as a spur of the moment impulse.  I was driving home and saw the sign, so decided to turn in.  There I met Alex who showed me the gorgeous model homes, and somehow convinced me I needed a house. He said if I signed that day, I got a prime $5000 lot for free and a $6000 credit to use at the design studio for upgrades.
No chance for me to think it through, and talk myself out of it, so I just went for it. LOL oh boy did the stress start piling on after that.  It seemed as if anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. The house I wanted was not available, I had to get the most expensive model. 
The color scheme I wanted was already taken, and good grief upgrades were expensive.  The financing was a nightmare. It seemed as if every time I thought I had all the paperwork together, they needed something else. The finance department could not seem to wrap their head around the fact that I did not work in December or January by choice. They kept asking me how I got paid. They didn't get concept of I used my savings.
Then my company would not cooperate in telling them yes I had job, even though I had paychecks to prove it.  I never really knew what was going on with the financing.  They kept me in limbo all the way until one month before the house was finished.  I honestly had no idea if I would have a place to live. Also no furniture since I was not allowed to buy anything major LOL it sucked. All along though I got to watch my house being built.
At first I had Sam as the Construction Manager. Then all of a sudden they said I had Miguel.  Turned out to be the best thing ever.  Miguel was amazing. He let me come over to look a lot, and without my even asking he gave me some nice free upgrades. Simple ones, but nice.  The one thing I was so excited about was my landscaping. I was so curious about what I would be getting.  Finally they planted and I was so happy.  So November finally rolled around, and I got the gold status on my home loan!!! It was all mine :)
We got to move in November 14th. I got to buy my furniture, and oh my goodness I had to put it all together.  Everything in my home, I put together myself LOL. I thought I had a lot of stuff, but since house so big inside, I figured out I have very little. It still echoes on the inside.  I am working on it, slowly, but hey I have a lifetime to get it all together.  Still waiting on fence approval so I can get backyard to what I dream it to be.
I also want to get a dog for companionship and protection. Still trying to decide what type of dog.  Never knew it was so hard to get a dog. So 2018 is going to be dedicated to getting my house feeling like a home.

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