Thursday, January 11, 2018

Crazy Cat Lady in Training

          So since I got this house I have been wanting to get a dog. I have found a few, but something always got in the way. Usually I would find them Thursday night, and since could not get until Monday I would miss out. I also am still having issues getting the fence up. People cannot seem to do their jobs properly.  I signed all the paperwork Dec 19th, but company did not submit it until 29th. I called yesterday and found out the HOA had it sitting on their desk and had not been submitted to board yet. I was ready to bang head. At this point now I am looking at February before it goes up. OK enough with the venting. Anyway no puppy yet.  Kids though still wanted a new pet to play with. My son it a total cat lover so he convinced my daughter she wanted another cat LOL then they teamed up against me. So last weekend I said they could go to Petco's adoption event sponsored by Spay the Strays with specific instructions.  They were to go look at cats, find a fluffy female kitty, who liked to cuddle up on laps. They were just to take pictures and notes about cats, then bring those home to me so I could chose, and then go back on Sunday to get the one I picked. So fluffy, cuddly girl kitty was what I agreed to. Saturday I wake up to them coming home with a cat. It is an adorable, sleek, male cat, who I cannot catch LOL the only part of my instructions they got right was they went to Petco. I cannot believe those volunteers told my kids he was a cuddler LOL. His original name was Guppy, but my daughter renamed him Jumanji because he is so wild.  The first night the cats would have nothing to do with him. Thankfully the place is big enough that they all had their own space.  Second day there was testing of each other, a few hisses and growls, but that is all. By the third day all was ok, they had learned to live together. Now the boys ganging up on me. Tonight I tried to close door to patio, but just in nick of time Jumanji dashes outside. I go to get him and the other boy cat, Commander, runs out.
Finally he sleeps
          I grab him, and out comes Jumanji again LOL I had to call in reinforcements to help me catch them both so I could close up the house and set alarm for the night. Is funny, the new kitty is very vocal. They other two were always quiet. Now all three vocal. The best thing about the new kitty is he is bonding to my daughter which is driving son crazy. He is usually the one cats gravitate to. Staci loves that Jumanji seems to like to cuddle up with her occasionally. He will follow her room to room too. Dynamics over here have shifted a bit, the girl cat, Midnight, tends to stick by my son's side, Jumanji follows Staci, and Commander is currently cuddled up by me as I type. So it all worked out :)

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