Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Will Not Be Teaching Birds and Bees Any Time Soon.

Last night I got hit with a question I was dreading, and it came when I was sleep deprived which made it so much worse LOL my son came out after talking to his dad on the phone, I innocently asked how his dad was, and behind me I hear my sweet little girl’s voice ask “is your dad my dad too?” well crap!  I say no he isn’t and then “who is my dad? Do I have a dad?” inside I cringed, and was at a total loss.  Anyway with my sleep deprived and addled brain I tried to explain and it sounded so bad in my mind LOL trying to explain that he was anonymous donor, and everything was done in a doctor’s office was next too impossible.  I tried to emphasize that I did not want to share her with a dad, that she was all mine, that I had to fight to keep her brother for so long, that I did not want to risk ever losing her.  I also distracted her with the information that she was a big sister, and she had lots of younger brothers and sisters.  I showed her pictures, and she declared they were all super cute.
             The conversation about the donor was hindered by me not knowing how to explain a procedure that involved using donor sperm and my eggs, to a seven-year-old.  This lead to a debate with a friend over me telling my little girl about the birds and bees now.  I am strongly opposed to that.  She is way too young to be learning about sex. I want her to stay a little girl as long as possible.  She still plays with cuddly stuffed animals, Shopkins, My Little Pony, and Pok√©mon.   I am old-fashioned in my views on parenting.  I feel like she should be allowed to enjoy being a little girl for as long as possible. 
This means I do not dress her like a miniature adult.  Have you seen the clothes for girls??? They look like outfits a college girl would wear to a club. I also do not let her go places that I, her brother, or her grandmother, are not there to chaperone.  I want to know that she is safe.  I don’t even let her go alone to another kid’s home, because I do not know what goes on there.  Yes, I am paranoid, but unfortunately society has made me that way.  Just turn on any media and you will see children being harmed one way or another.  My friend tried to tell me that all kids her age are already talking about sex.  To me that does not make it right, it just means their parents are making very questionable choices.
            It’s becoming normal for a twelve-year-old girl to date. NOPE NOPE NOPE, not my little girl.  That is way too young.  She is not emotionally ready to date at that age, and definitely not ready to make decisions regarding sex. What happened to sweet sixteen and never been kissed??? Media is definitely sexualizing little girls, making them look older than they are.  Fashion models are often very young; they are just made up to look like they are legal age.  By the time they are the legal age, they are considered too old. 

            OK babbled a bit, but it’s because I feel strongly about this. A seven-year-old girl does not need to learn about sex.  When she hits puberty then we will have a chat, and she will still learn that she is too young for a boyfriend, sex, and all sorts of other stuff.  Adulthood comes soon enough, and with it all sorts of stress.  Children need to enjoy the eighteen years they have, before they are considered adults. They have another seventy years to deal with adult issues.  We need to protect our children, and discourage them growing up too fast.

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