Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew 2016

          So we are in evacuation zone, but nowhere to go to.  Mayor ordered zones A and B to evacuate early so all hotels and shelters were taken up by them.  By time Mayor said zone C needed to evacuate nothing was left. So we stocked up on water and batteries, have covered the windows in the bedrooms, and are staying put inside.  We are on second floor, so no real worry about flooding up here.  I was a bit disappointed by attitude at my work. As a single mom I am not about to leave my kids in a hurricane alone while I go to work. Plus with 2 cats there is no way I am taking the menagerie to work with me. No place for all of them to stay.  So home I am with my two kids, two cats, and my mom who is having abdominal pain.  I have told her no appendicitis during a hurricane. That is last thing we need.  
          Woke up at 6:30 to my iPhone and iPad blaring a warning from the Emergency Broadcast System saying hurricane is on way, seek shelter now. That woke me up.  Quickly got dressed and looked outside to nothing special.  It is windy here and raining, but I've seen this before.  I am hoping that officials are erring on side of caution with the warnings.  I took a video from my balcony of weather I woke up to.  I will take more as the day goes on.  Reports say that storm really going to get going at around 1pm.
          At least we have weather channel back on TV.. The ironic thing was both weather channels were out yesterday so no real idea what forecast was.  I had to contact my brother in Reno, Nevada to look for me LOL the meteorologists are having a field day on TV right now.  Winds are currently 24 mph and weather man going "your winds will go up and your winds will go up and your winds will go up" like a motivational speaker LOL it just sounded funny.  I know storm not funny, and a lot of people have died already and the destruction is awful, but I'm a wee bit scared so looking for humor to lighten the mood wherever I can.  I'm going to try to get more videos from my balcony today and post them to my Instagram.  I am leeandstacismom there if you want to see what I get.  This is the video I took this morning. I am hoping it works here, never tried video before.

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