Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Holderness Family and Motivation

          I am a big believer in using whatever motivates you, no matter how silly. Currently what is motivating me is The Holderness Family. I have been following them for years on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. When they announced they were going to be on The Amazing Race, I was so excited LOL. Every week my son, my daughter, and me would gather to watch as a family. It was great. They each picked their own team to root for. My son wanted Dusty and Ryan to win. My daughter was rooting for Cayla and Raquel to come in first. Me? Well of course I was team Holderness all the way!!! Each week we all were so relieved to see our teams advance. This past week was the finale, and our teams were the final three LOL. OMG it was a close race, until finally Penn and Kim Holderness won!!!! I was literally bouncing in my seat I was so happy LOL since I had been following their family since 2013, it was like having friends win.

                While watching the race I started reading their blogs more. I became a bit obsessed LOL I still am. Anyway, it has motivated me and inspired me to try and be healthier. I have been trying, but it has been a challenge. The holidays, followed by getting Covid, really took a toll on my motivation. I have been totally slacking. I even found five of the 30 lbs. I had lost. That sucks. So, now I am trying harder, and being inspired particularly by Kim. Personality wise a bit like her. Both of us are moms, who love our kids immensely. We both are introverts, both of us have anxiety issues, we want to live healthy lives, we like cooking and crafts, and we both adore our dogs named Sunny LOL I also have a dog named Honeybee. Mine are a chihuahua and a corgi, while hers is a retriever LOL.

                Anyway, I have been trying to drink more water, which is HARD!!! I found one of her blogs mentioned she had also dealt with that and had bought this water bottle she nicknamed “her Baby” to help LOL guess what LOL now I have my own baby. Three gallons a day is the goal. I got it three days ago, and I have yet to succeed. I have come close though LOL hard to drink at work. I cannot be running to the bathroom every 30 minutes LOL. I have been doing great though for me, considering I was normally maybe drinking a liter of fluid the whole weekend!!!  It was bad. She also recommended taking a probiotic, so I got some of those too LOL like I said a bit obsessed. But hey, it is healthy stuff, and it is motivating me, so it is okay.

                So, tomorrow morning I am going to get up early, like I normally do, and before coffee, I am going to take my dog for a walk LOL then do a stretching routine. I found out that is helpful for lowering blood pressure (thanks Covid) and then coffee while I play on computer. I found a bunch of healthy ideas from her blogs that I am going to try and incorporate into my life. Like wearing sunscreen (arrives tomorrow) walking dogs more, stretching, water, using planner more for meals, and making a daily to do list. I really get more done when I have a list. I am like her, I love crossing things off a list, so I need to do it more. It is silly to be motivated by a person I have never met, but do you know what, if it gets me healthier, then it is a wonderful thing.

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