Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Doro Wat and Injera Bread

I love getting subscription boxes. I kept seeing the one for eat2explore pop up on my Facebook and Instagram, so I thought I would check it out.  Basically it is a monthly subscription box, filled with recipes, spices, dry mixes, country flag pin, activity sheets that tell about the country, a sticker for the included passport book, a binder to keep everything in, and a fun kitchen gadget from around the world.  I would love to travel the world with my daughter, but sadly we cannot. So we are doing this and pretending LOL The first box we received was Ethiopia.  I had the recipes for three dishes, the spices for each, Injera mix to make a bread, and a citrus reamer.  The recipes were fun to say: Doro Wot, Tibs Wot, and Misir Wot.  Staci decided she wanted to make the Doro Wat first.  I told a few people at work what we were doing, and they asked for pictures. So this post is a simple way to do that and tell a little bit about what we did. 

           We had to make the Injera mix the night before, it had to sit and ferment I guess. It sort of reminded me of wheat pancakes.

          The recipe called for 4 medium onions!!! I was worried about that. My kids are not really fond of onions.  We had to put them in a food processor and turn them into a paste. 

          Washing hands was a MUST after peeling and chopping up those onions. 

           The recipe called for chicken that was marinaded in lemon juice.  That is where this little gadget came into play.  Staci made sure she got all the juice out LOL I had to pick out the seeds. 

          Cooking the chicken, spices, and onion paste very carefully (and with supervision).

          This is what it looked like after we had added some chicken broth and 4 hard boiled eggs. The recipes said to just add water, but we thought the broth would taste better. We were so right.  The stew tasted amazing. You could not even tell that it was FULL of onions. Blending them into a paste just made the broth thick and smooth. The eggs added nothing to the dish for us, but recipe said to add them, so we did LOL 

          Staci making the salad dressing while I make the Injera bread. It was like making pancakes. 

          The salad and Injera bread.

          The finished meal.  It said to put the stew on top of the bread, but that a little too messy for us, so we just had it on the side.  Staci and I had a lot of fun making the dish.  If I knew what type of spices it called for, I would definitely make the chicken stew again. 

          I am glad I went ahead and ordered a whole year of exploring recipes around the world.  We still have the Tibs Wot and Misir Wot to make this month.  I cannot wait to see what country we get for October. 

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