Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

      Happy New       (healthier) Year

          Day 2 of 2019 and so far, so good.   I worked New Year’s Eve and instead of going to sleep when I got home, I threw on my The Fitness Marshall workout and did low key aerobics for 30 minutes.  Yes, everything with me is low key these days LOL.  This morning I woke up and had every intention of doing nothing, but it was so nice outside I decided to take the puppy for a walk. 

           My brother knows I want to get healthier, so he gave me some advice.  Drink lots of teas and walk at least two miles a day. 
From Amazon
For my birthday he sent me this awesome tea tumbler.  It keeps tea hot for 12 hours, and I mean HOT.  Burned my tongue first time I used it.  It also will keep things ice cold for 24 hours.  Haven’t tested that part out since I drink it too fast. It is usually full of ice tea, which no longer has sugar in it, but Equal, thanks to baby brother LOL. 
today's walk
                    He also had me download Endomondo on my iPhone.  It keeps track of time and distances I walk.  Gives me a little map of the route I took.  This morning I used it for the first time and it said I walked 1.15 miles in 30 minutes
😊 burned 146 calories so that takes care of the coffee I am sipping on as I type LOL.  I was hoping it would have been a longer distance.  I walked all over my neighborhood.  Maybe next time instead of puppy I can take Staci and we can add in the distance to 7 Eleven as well.  She loves the Slurpees 😊 I need to find other places to just go walk that are easy to get to.  I adore walking at Epcot and YIPPEE I get to go back next week.  That walking good for distance and steps, but not for getting heart rate up. 
Allison, Caleb, and Haley aka The Booty Army
          This evening I get to finally do the live stream workout with The Fitness Marshall 😊 I am very excited about that.  I cancelled the Universal Yums subscription and bought a membership into The Booty Army LOL much healthier.  Going to try and see if I can get Staci to join me.  Before all of that I am off to Lowes and/or Home Depot.  I caught a bit of Spring Fever while walking and am in hunt of new foliage for the front yard. Not sure if I want flowers or greenery.  I am also wondering if I need to do anything to bring my backyard grass back to life, or if it just will turn green again. Is my first year to see if this happens LOL so now it is off to find better choices to make for the day, so that 2019 is my healthiest year yet 😊  

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