Tuesday, November 1, 2016

We're Moving to Disney World

already personalized mine a bit :)
Well my secret is out LOL. For the past year, I have been planning to move to the Orlando, Florida area.  Specifically, Kissimmee which is home to Disney!!!!  It has been a challenge keeping it to myself at work.  I did not want to deal with that yet.  This past weekend it was finally time to turn in my resignation.  Oh, my goodness was I nervous.  I really hate confrontations, so I just posted it on my director’s door and left.  I did not tell people until it was close to time because this one time I gave three months’ notice that I was planning on moving to Arkansas, and my boss fired me on the spot.  Said my focus would not be on the job, so I should just leave that day.  Since then I have kept my mouth shut until the last minute.  Deed is done now, no turning back.  Sort of funny, but in a month, I am homeless and unemployed if I don’t get my act together. 
So, next week my mom, Staci, and me are going down to Kissimmee to see about locking in a place to live.  My son has college classes, so he cannot go with us unfortunately.  We are hoping to get it handled Tuesday morning, which will leave us time to go to Disney Springs, where we can pick up (insert imaginary trumpets sounding) our Disney PLATINUM PLUS ANNUAL PASSES!!!!!  I am so excited.  No home, no job, but I have annual passes LOL  I have my priorities straight LOL.  I cannot believe I will be less than ten minutes away from the Disney Parks.  It is just a dream come true that whenever I feel like it I can go stroll around Epcot, play with the animals at Animal Kingdom, take in a show at Hollywood Studios, or just visit Mickey and the gang at the Magic Kingdom.  We can also go swim at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach when it gets too hot down there LOL  I have never been to the water parks so looking forward to seeing those.  My dream job would be to work at Disney, so going to keep my eye open for nursing jobs in the parks.  Shoot sometimes I think it would just be fun to work in one of the cute shops down there LOL
That’s why, if anybody is really curious, I decided to home school Staci.  The schools down in Orlando area are unknown.  Until I find a good one, it is home school for us.  I am also hoping to find an actual dream home for me to buy.  So, I will take the year lease that we must sign and find my perfect place.  One with a backyard big enough for a garden, maybe a small pool, a place to have a real barbeque grill, and fenced so I can get a dog.  Oh, and a porch and front yard that I can decorate during the holidays.

So, that is my secret I have been keeping all year LOL we from work that is.  So, excited to get to experience all that the Orlando areas has to offer.  So many places to blog about, so it should get more exciting in this blog LOL.  If anybody knows of places we should definitely check out, or neighborhoods that are nice, please let me know in the comments.  

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